Join us for eHealth Initiative’s Innovation Showcase, October 4-5, 2016 in Washington, DC!

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Impact and Improve the Future of Healthcare in America by Connecting and Convening all Healthcare and Health IT Leaders

About the eHealth Initiative Innovation Showcase

eHI’s Innovation Showcase is your link to breakthrough technology solutions that transform healthcare. At eHI’s Innovation Showcase we’ll create business opportunities that match problem-solvers with funders, mentors with entrepreneurs, and healthcare with user-focused solutions.

By attending Ehi’S Innovation Showcase you will:

  • Walk away with VALUE – You’ll discover real-world value you can apply right away to solve nagging issues in your organization. Discover new ideas and healthcare applications to enable the next leap.
  • PROSPECTS – eHI matches leaders with innovators—for the win.

Need a partner? Our innovative environment matches solution developers with healthcare executives for results.

Innovators network with the investors ready to tap, mold and mentor their work.

Students rub shoulders with entrepreneurs, investors and healthcare innovators.

See the next wave of solutions and network with creative problem-solvers.

  • ENERGY – Meet innovators, tap into the inventive spirit, and discover what it takes to turn an idea into the next big thing.

Don’t miss out on the creative lightning that strikes when investors, innovators and entrepreneurs converge.

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  • Collaborate one-on-one with over 200 healthcare industry key stakeholders within Three (3) focused and intimate workgroup discussions on Interoperability, Data Access & Use and Business and Clinical Motivators.
  • Problem-solve with healthcare leaders during learning sessions and panels focused on hot button issues and focused on ways to overcome barriers that stand in the way of progress in healthcare. Panelists and speakers will deliberate solutions to big data challenges, determine how value can drive innovation, and develop strategies to turn outputs into outcomes.
  • Share experiences, problems, solutions and best practices. Through Q&A sessions at panels or at focused networking events and activities, you will have numerous opportunities to connect with others who share your passion and areas of expertise

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For over twenty years, Jennifer has focused on quality, data and technology solutions for healthcare. Serving as Chief Executive Officer sin...
Jennifer Covich Bordenick, Chief Executive Officer, eHealth Initiative
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